Wine tasting

We offer groups and clubs wine tasting and culinary events, either on Blaxsta Vineyard, or some other place where alcohol rights exists. On Blaxsta vineyard, we offer now exclusive winetastingevenings (even during the day if desired) in a genuine 1600-century environment.

We begin with a tour in the vineyard and winery followed by the enjoyment of an exciting buffet and 6 different selected Blaxsta wines. During the activity which is expected to take approximately 3-4 hours, we describe how our different wines are produced, what is the typical characteristics of the different grapes, what makes different flavor nuances emerge, ageingmethods and much more. The buffé contain a selection of the local, fresh and seasonal dishes, all homemade, and we finish with a good dessert and coffee. This activity can also be linked to accommodation and breakfast.

We can also design special activities (such as cookingclasses, the harvesting of grapes etc). Please contact us so we can create a total experience of Blaxsta Vineyard. We accept groups of 10 – 50 people for wine tasting.

Enjoy wine tasting at the winery directly under guidance with winemaker Göran Amnegård.

Sweden’s first wine o dining bistro is open to the public (pre booked groups only) year-round, and a 1700-century house is rebuilt to a private and innovative conference facility where wine and culinary experience are at the center. The exclusive rooms with lakeview, en suite shower / toilet, sauna and many other things to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.

The capacity for conference and overnightstay is designed for up to 22 people, while the restaurant section has capacity for 38 guests eating. Activities include wine tasting, the harvest of grapes, wineseminars, gourmet cooking, etc. are available upon request.

Wine tasting for groups up to 50 people held in our historic 1500-century wine cellar. We create new and exciting lunch or dinner buffés, all in accordance to season and the event.

In addition to wine tasting, our internationally awarded restaurant highlight local and domestic cooking and design new menues for each visiting group. The restaurant has been awarded world class status and 4 champagne glasses (out of 5) by the French gastronomic Academy.

Book your next conference or staffing activity in Blaxsta, the winery in the north.

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