Wines from self-produced grapes


Overall, we have about 5500 vines(vitis vinifera) in the vineyard. Over 90% of the area planted with grape variety Vidal, and the remainder of Chardonnay and Merlot. We also have to try a small part Cabernnet Franc plants. The first stocks was planted in late summer 2000, and since then expanded each year. Of the varieties Chardonnay and Merlot we produce a white respectively a red table wine while Vidal grapes are converted to icewine. Blaxsta winery is the first commercial Swedish vineyard and winery where only vitis vinifera grown grapes are used. The warm summer and cool dry autumn with 25% more daylight hours during the growing season will result in fully riped grapes with a pleasant balance between sugar and acidity and a fresh floral aromas of fruit, almonds and vanilla.

The warm summer and cool dry autumn with 25% more daylight hours during the growing season will result in fully riped grapes with a pleasant balance between sugar and acidity and a fresh floral aromas of fruit, almonds and vanilla.

Våra viner

Most wines are available at Systembolaget, either in product catalogue or on order. All wines are made from our own grapes / fruit from Blaxsta Vineyard and all the wines are organic (although not a member of KRAV). For export, please place your order direct with us.

Chardonnay 2008

The wine is aged in imported French oak barriques giving the wine an outstanding mild crisp taste. Last years vintage will be launched later this year. Access is severely limited, where about 200 bottles will be released on the market. This vintage will be bottled in an exclusive specially designed bottle.

Merlot prestige 2008

Merlot prestige is riped in steel tank. The tender and fine taste of the Merlot grape with hints of honey, blackberry, nuts and flowers are especially highlighted when the grapes must ripen in cool climate. The wine is well suited to lamb and poultry. A small number of bottles will be released each year.

Vidal Blanc 2007

Vidal-grape is considered one of the finest of its kind for the production of ice wine. By allowing the grapes remain in the field until the winter months and allow the frost “dry” the grapes in order to receive a concentration of delicate flavors,aromas and an increased sugar content. When the temperature drops to minus 7 ° C or colder, it is time to harvest and press the grapes. This noble grape must be coldfermented and mature slowly. The typical icewine aroma comes forward during the process. When tastes and aromas reached its maximum fermentation is suspended. Residual sugar is then usually at 15-20%. The taste of honey, vanilla, apricote and nectar is unique and often described as a ‘ flavour of love ‘.

Apple Ice Wine Åkerö – 2005

From our own orchard we harvest these naturally frozen Åkerö-apples and process when the temperature falls below -10 ° C. The rich aroma-filled juice is cold fermented and slowly mature in steel tanks. The natural sweetness and the Åkerö apples characteristic flavor transformes into a delicious sweet wine with aromas of dried fruits, chestnut and vanilla and a scent of Calvados.

Systembolagets artnr. 2957

Framboise reserve 2004

Blaxsta Vineyard finest Framboise reserve is obtained from wild raspberries, which ferment and mature naturally in the late summer sun. This robust and distinct raspberry wine has a soft and warm sweetness and is excellent as dessert with chocolate.

Päronvin petit corneille – 2004

From our own fruit farm we harvested the small summer pears and ferment them in steeltanks. This wine has a faint sweetness and a mild natural fresh aroma of summer fruit. The petit corneille pears mild flavor makes a great summerwine, and especially suited to cheese och coldtrays.

Systembolagets artnr. 89123-01

Harvest Apple Cuveé – 2004

From our own orchard, with ancestry from early 1800 we make this fresh and fruity applewine. The wine’s character is obtained through a unique blend of around 30 apple varieties. The wine is fermented twice, first spontaneous and then a controlled. Harvest Apple Cuveé is a semi-dry wine with balanced natural acidity to pair with seafood, cheese and salad dishes.

Systembolagets artnr. 85678

Lingonberry rosé – 2005

A light and easy crisp wine produced from fresh lingonberries. The wine has a spicy and full-bodied caracter of lingonberries and blackberries well-suited to lighter summer salads, salty cheeses (Parmesan, etc.) or as a festive aperitif.

Plommon Port Monarch – 2004

Monarch plums is a native Swedish plumvariety with small and considerably darkskinned fruits and considered to be the first plum variety cultivated in Sweden. From these plums we produce this portstyle wine, where the process includes a 2-year ageing in chestnutwood barriques. The wine develop a ‘ nutty ‘ flavour with fruity aromas much like portwine with hints of with dark chocolate, rosehips and dried figs. The wine is perfect for cheese, chocolate and desserts.