Blaxsta vineyard

Located only 15 minutes from Stockholm-Skavsta Airport (Ryanair destination for Stockholm) or 130 km south of Stockholm city with easy access to major highways. Surrounded by medieval castles, historic beauty littered by viking monuments, Sodermanlands natural landscape, abundance of crisp natural lakes, wildlife and charming old villages and many other attractions, is Blaxsta Vineyard. The farm produces wines from our own grapes and other fruit. Here, among the old Åkerö-apple trees, is the beginning to our famous icewine wine and fruitwines such as Apple Ice wine – Åkerö.

We at Blaxsta Winery produce strictly wines from our own or locally grown fruits and grapes. Our pride is to produce quality wines according to Swedish conditions, climate, soil and wine-making practices. Blaxsta vineyard’s unique location combined with our own production facility and raw materials, becomes a luxury in that we can harvest and process the grapes and fruits directly from being harvested.

Our vineyard is approx. 2.6 Ha and produce grape varieties such as Vidal, Chardonnay, Merlot etc. Blaxsta Winery also produces quality wines from wild raspberries, pears, apples, etc. Our main grape is Vidal Blanc and we expect to have 5-6 Ha cultivation of this variety within the next five years.

The winey is a converted 1600-century barn with all the charm needed and our equipment is of the most modern variety.

We work constantly to develop and refine our wines. With our unique winter as an asset we are able to create and produce unique high quality wines of our grapes and fruits.Blaxsta wine is more than just a winery. We constantly work to rejuvenile many of the old fruits and berry varieties that was cultivated in the past. Examples of exciting new flavors that will come within the next few years is a rosehip-icewine and a sparkling gooseberry wine. These two pleasant fruits were grown primarily for their richness in vitamin C and their noble ascorbic acid is essential when producing fine wines.

The combination food, wine, service and pleasure enjoyed in our restaurant where we honor the words seasonal, local and fresh. We grow a wide variety of vegetable crops around the restaurant and take advantage of the fresh herbs, berries, mushrooms and flowers which we surround ourselves of. We compose new menus for each event in order to serve our guests new dining experiences each time.