White Guide’s review in 2016!

Swedish wines at Blaxsta

The hardworking and admirable Amnegård couple operates on scenic grounds a winery, restaurant and hotel. At day time some a summer bistro menu is offered, but if you choose to come for dinner – welcome to an evening to the couple and their great experience in wines and cooking. Ulrika takes us on a challenging and pleasant walk among the vineyards and the wine factory, and then escorts us to for the evening newly composed five-course menu, autographed Göran, containing much from the estate. The initial glass of sparkling wine is the only element that is not self-produced in the beverage package, which ends with their award winning Vidal Ice Wine. We piloted through the meals, meal for pleasurable meal – wasabi pickled lobsters fried on hot stones, through delightful brie gratinated figs from the farm we go to foie gras oddly paired with an ice wine on rose hips. A salted cod steamed in Champagne provides 80-century sense, then we toast in the farms Merlot wine to the dandelion cream and chips, served to Blaxsta lamb.