Welcome to Blaxsta Vineyard

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Sweden’s first Winery and vineyard. The winery includes 2.6 Ha with noble grape varieties as Vidal, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The actual factory is situated in a 1600-century barn, where much of the old charm has been kept. A 1500-centuy wine cellar has been renovated and can be rented by groups of 10 – 50 persons. In addition to our International first class restaurant Kung Blacke, we have conference rooms, exclusive hotel rooms and a relaxroom is also available at the farm.

All our winemaking equipment is brand new and designed specifically for the production of quality wines and specialy wines. We use only carefully selected fruits and berries such as naturally frozen ice-wine grapes, merlot and chardonnay grapes, wild raspberries, frozen apples, monarch plums etc. Especially great importance in the production process is the choice of yeasts, filtration method, maturing of the wine, ageing in oak, chestnut or cherry barriques, all in an effort to produce new and interesting taste sensations.

Blaxsta Winery produces unique and high quality wines from our own or locally grown rawmatereals and offer superior wines with distinctive Swedish character. We see opportunities in the challenge to both grow grapes and produce wine in the same place. The control of raw materials, processing of fruit and quality can be monitored continuously. Our focus is to offer a special assortment of unique wines produced in small series. With an annual production of about 6000 liters spread of 8-10 different wines, makes these exclusive wines a desirable life experience and exciting taste sensation.

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The restaurant and the hotel is open every day for room and table reservations.

Sincerely, Göran Amnegård

Blaxsta restaurant and Hotel Kung Blacke are nominated and shortlisted in the finals Luxury Travel Guide.